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Overview of Services

MarketFitz combines management, marketing and financial consulting services to help clients deliver measurably improved financial returns on market-facing investments While every solution we deliver is tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs, we leverage the results of our own research, proprietary methodologies and our deep experience as marketers to position clients for success in a way that other firms can’t. 

MarketingStrategy Facilitation

Our research indicates that marketing investments are most effective when they are aligned with business and financial goals, and have a predetermined, expected return on the dollars invested.

Our strategy team aligns marketing investments with business and financial objectives, which results in improved commitment across the organization and increases the potential returns.

Our strategy team provides the following services:

·         Strategic planning facilitation

·         Marketing retreat facilitation

·         Marketing plan development

·         Business plan development

·         Marketing plan review and evaluation

·         Program development


MarketFitz' Analytics Team leverages proprietary technology toquantitatively analyze the impact of marketing programs on financialreturns. Our services allow clients to anticipate the impact of a proposedmarketing expenditure, model the output of various marketing mixes inorder to optimize returns, and retrospectively analyze performance across multiple markets.

Market Research

Assumptions about the market and what influences decision-making behavior increase the risk of any marketing investment. MarketFitz works with clients to assess which risks are acceptable, and where we can improve expected returns by mitigating risk through research. 

We have designed and executed research programs involving:

·         Qualitative research (including focus groups)

·         Quantitative research (including web, telephone, and intercept surveys)

·         Secondary research


Project Management and Execution

Whether or not we help your organization develop a plan, we offer projectmanagement services to ensure the plan is consistently and completelyexecuted, and achieves the expected return rates.  In addition, we canprovide the specialized expertise required when in-house resources don'texist.